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Transform Your eCommerce with Data-Driven Campaigns

Unlock the full potential of your eCommerce with Hellotext Campaigns, where deep customer insights meet impactful messaging. By leveraging real-time behavior analytics, Hellotext enables you to craft personalized, data-driven campaigns that resonate deeply, driving conversions and fostering loyalty in a single, powerful platform.

Traditional Campaign Challenges
Difficulty to target and reach the right audience effectively.
Complexity in personalizing content for diverse customer segments.
Struggle to craft messages that resonate.
Missed growth opportunities due to ineffective use of data.

Precision in Promotion: Beyond Mass Messaging

Embrace the change with Hellotext Campaigns and see how easy and impactful modern marketing can be.

WhatsApp and SMS Campaigns

Meet your customers on their channels of choice. Hellotext's strategic use of both channels ensures maximum impact for your campaigns.

Leverage the capabilities of WhatsApp like video, images and interactive buttons to deliver engaging, content-rich messages or extend your reach with the broad accessibility of SMS.

Enhance Campaigns with Dynamic Segmentation

Leverage Hellotext's advanced customer insights to intelligently target and engage your audience. Our platform’s dynamic segments and lists, enable you to create highly targeted, relevant campaigns, keeping your messaging fresh, timely, and in tune with your audience's evolving interests.

AI-Driven Messaging to Spark Your Campaigns

Harness the power of Hellotext’s generative AI for innovative messaging suggestions. Elevate your campaigns with creativity and personalization, complemented by our versatile templates for personalized, impactful communication.

Personalization with Tags

Fine-tune your messages to each subscriber's unique attributes. Add a personal touch that resonates and connects, making every communication feel tailor-made.

Maximize ROI with Trackable Short Links

Use Hellotext’s tr ackable short links for enhanced marketing attribution. Monitor campaign efficiency and ROI, turning every message into an actionable insight for your business.

Strategic Scheduling

Engage and build anticipation with strategically scheduled campaigns. Reach your audience when it matters the most; even when you are not around. Ideal for new product launches or events like Black Friday.

Boost Engagement with Easy Coupon Sync

Generate new or sync your existing eCommerce coupons to Hellotext campaigns, offering personalized deals that excite and retain customers. Simple, effective, and always engaging.


What channels can I use to send campaigns?
You can reach your audience through SMS or WhatsApp or a combination of both. For example, you can send a campaign that first tries to reach your customers on WhatsApp and if they don’t have it it will send it via SMS.
Why do you prefer text-based campaigns over email?
Text-based campaigns such as SMS and WhatsApp are proven to be way more effective than emails. On average, over 95% of customers will see your message in the first 30 minutes they receive it when on email this is significantly lower. As a result, the click-through rate and the sales you can generate can be up to ten times higher than sending out emails.
Is there a limit in campaigns I can send?
You can send as many campaigns you need. There is no limit in the campaigns you can send.
How does pricing work?
You can learn more in our Pricing page. In a nutshell, our pricing adjusts to your audience needs as you grow. We charge only by successful SMS and WhatsApp deliveries using a system of credits. You can acquire bundles of credits at a lower cost or pay for any credit consumption with no restrictions as you go.
Can I specify sending hours?
Yes, we call it Night hours and you can set the hours of the night that you do not want customers to receive your promotions. Those messages that were not delivered will be attempted the next day at the end of the night hour configured.

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