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Unified Customer Profiles - Your eCommerce CRM

Imagine knowing your customers like close friends. Hellotext does just that, learning from every click to tailor your chats via WhatsApp or SMS. It’s personal, effective, and all about making each message resonate.

Elevate Your eCommerce Insights

Effortless Event Sorting

Discover the power and simplicity of our Search and Filters tool, designed to effortlessly filter the activity trail using labels, making event viewing a breeze.

Connect your existing sales tools.

Plus, we offer out-of-the-box integration with Mercado Libre, the leading e-commerce giant in Latin America.

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Integrations / Logos / Shopify
Integrations / Logos / Woo
Integrations / Logos / Mercado

Action Flexibility and Data Depth for Success

Enhancing Customer Insights with Diverse Data

Hellotext efficiently organizes data with unlimited fields for diverse data types, including text, price, checkboxes, dates, and more; empowering you with comprehensive insights into each customer.

Custom Actions for Specific Tracking Needs

Hellotext provides a strong set of built-in actions for common eCommerce touchpoints. When you require custom actions for specific business needs, our platform lets you create them.

Seamless Customer Data Import

Importing customer data is a breeze with Hellotext. Our platform supports imports from CSV, Excel, and through API, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.


What information can I have from my customers?
Any information you want! You can collect basic details from your customers such as phone number, name, address, birthday, gender but most importantly Hellotext makes it easy to keep a comprehensive and automatic record of all the activities they do on your site such as products they browse, what they add to the cart and purchase and much more.
How are customer profiles feeded?
There are multiple ways to collect your customers' data. The easiest way is to simply connect your existing eCommerce platform with our ready-to-use integrations and your customers' activity will begin showing instantly on their profiles. You can also import an existing customer list from a spreadsheet or use our developer-friendly API.
Are customer profiles created automatically from my eCommerce?
Yes! We offer ready-to-use integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and MercadoLibre. In just a few minutes you can get all your customers data imported and synced in real-time with the activity of your site.
Can I unify customer profiles from different sources?
Of course. You can set a customer profile's uniqueness by phone, email or any other property you want and all the different sources will be merged into one single customer profile. Even your WhatsApp conversation will appear together with what your customers purchased on your eCommerce.
Is my customer profile data securely kept secure?
We take privacy very seriously. All your customer data is kept private and secure and only you have access to it. Your customer data is not shared with other customers. You can learn more by reading our Data Protection Agreement.
Do you provide an API for ingesting data?
Of course! We provide you with a developer-friendly API. that easily allows you to connect your existing system.

Our platform is more than just a tool — it's your partner in creating lasting customer relationships.

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