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At Hellotext, we get it. Managing conversations across multiple channels with your customers, especially as your eCommerce business grows, can feel like spinning plates.

Before Team Inbox
Juggling multiple communication channels
Struggle with customer data scattered across platforms
Missed opportunities due to inefficient customer engagement
No control over team performance and customer satisfaction

Discover why leading eCommerce businesses choose our Team Inbox

Seamless Multi-Channel Conversations

Hellotext's Team Inbox brings together SMS, WhatsApp, and more in one place. Unify customer interactions across all channels in a single thread and never lose track of a conversation. Your team can now engage customers on their preferred platforms without any hassle.

AI-Powered Efficiency

Leverage your customer knowledge with AI-Generated reply suggestions and templates to elevate your communication game. Spend less time drafting and more time engaging with your customers.


What channels can I connect to?
You can bring together your existing WhatsApp number or set up a new one. In addition, you can acquire or bring your existing phone number line for sending and receiving SMS and also Instagram private messenger, Facebook Messenger and MercadoLibre post-sales conversations.
Can I choose the channel I communicate with a customer?
If a customer has multiple channels you can always choose the channel where you want to reach them. To make it easier for you, we automatically select the last channel used.
Can I bring my existing WhatsApp number?
Of course. You can connect your existing WhatsApp number and gain new functionality like having your whole team answering your customers using the same line, knowing the complete history of your customers past purchases and all their interests at hand. You can also write private notes between your team members and assign the conversations between team members like a support system.
Can I have separate accounts for each team member?
Yes. You can invite any team member with their email address to join your business in Hellotext. You can also set different roles for agents, marketing managers and administrators to make sure everyone fits into their right responsibilities.
Can I see the state of their orders in the conversation?
Yes. At the rightmost part of each conversation with a customer you have the complete history of all the interactions he or she had with your business including all the recent and past orders including all the details of the products purchased.

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