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Welcome to the forefront of audience segmentation. Hellotext's segmentation capabilities unlock the untapped potential of precise audience targeting.

Our platform empowers you to deliver the right message to the right person at exactly the right moment, enhancing your engagement and driving measurable results.

Unlock the power of customer knowledge

Discover a world of opportunities with Hellotext by leveraging your customer data to not just understand, but anticipate their every want and need. Tap into your customer’s mind to effortlessly transform potential into profit and interests into sales.

Advanced Segmentation Made Simple

Hellotext goes beyond basic demographics. It dives into behaviors like purchase history and browsing patterns to tailor audience segments.

What's more, our segments and lists are customizable and adapt based on real-time customer actions. This means you're always sending hyper-relevant messages that make every communication count.

Precise Campaigns

Hellotext lets you launch targeted campaigns that resonate. Using smart segmentation, you can reach distinct groups based on their unique behaviors. This tailored approach ensures your messages are not just sent, but felt, enhancing engagement with every campaign.

Smart Automations

Automate with intelligence using Hellotext. Set up actions that are triggered by specific customer behaviors and activities. This means your campaigns are not only timely but also deeply relevant, creating personalized customer journeys that make an impact.


What kind of segments can I create?
You can create virtually any kind of segment you want. For example, you can segment customers who haven’t purchased in the past 6 months, loyal customers who spent above a certain amount or customers who like certain categories of products. The more info you gather from customers the better the segments will be: you can further segment with women from a certain age range, customers located in certain areas and much more. The possibilities are endless.
What can I do with segments?
The best use of segments is for sending out targeted SMS & WhatsApp messaging campaigns to your audience with relevant promotions such as discounts, new product announcements and flash sales that are relevant to them, delight them with what they like and help you convert more sales to your business.
Are segments updated in real-time?
Yes! You only need to define the rules once and we take care of the rest. Every time a customer matches the criteria of your segment it will be added automatically to it, and when he doesn’t anymore it will be automatically removed. Say goodbye to manually recreating your audiences every time you need them.
Can I export my segments to other services?
You can export your segment audience in a file that you can use to import in other services such as Mailchimp or any service you need.

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