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+598 123 456
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+598 123 456
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Bring SMS and WhatsApp together
Bring your existing WhatApp number and engage with your customers on the channel they love the most. Customers love the convienence of WhatsApp but their current support for promotions is limited. Combine WhatsApp with SMS promotions to get the best of worlds and let your team always communicate on your customer favorite channel.
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Acquire new phone numbers
Easily get new phone numbers that are activated immediately with just a few clicks. This is very convinient if you need a phone number right away for or need a line from a different country.
Antel Uruguay
Migrate your existing phone
Migrate your existing phone number to keep all your communication centralized. All new conversations will arrive directly to your Inbox for your team to handle. You no longer need to have different phone numbers for each team member. Your customers will thank you!
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Choose memorable keywords to help you capture new subscribers. You can also acquire exclusive shortcodes for your business.

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