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/month for 12 months. Plus applicable taxes.

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$852.75 USD

/month for 12 months. Plus applicable taxes.

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/month for 12 months. Plus applicable taxes.

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Hellotext Hub

Streamline and enhance your customer engagement by managing all SMS and WhatsApp conversations and Team communication in one powerful Hub. Collaborate seamlessly with private notes and @mentions, with valuable customer insights and instant feedback at hand.

Keep every team member (or just the trusted parties) in the loop and in sync to provide a consistent and tailored experience all the time, every time.




Team Members

Pick the plan that better suits your needs and buy in as many Team members as you might need. Define their roles, credentials and security clearance.
  • 1 Member

  • 3 Members

  • 5 Members


Our credit-based system puts engagement at the forefront of your strategy and you in control of your communication success.

Choose the plan with the credit load that better accommodates to your needs (and budget) and transform them into engagement fuel.

Whether it's sending impactful messages, triggering personalized journeys, or tracking real-time engagement and interactions, (See conversion table) you have the power to allocate these credits strategically, optimizing your resources with dynamic control over your communication success

With Hellotext, you only pay for the impact you make.




Extra Credit Bundles

Not sure if the predefined Credit Quota / Credit Allowance will suffice to cover the amount of engagements planned. No problem. you only pay for the impact you make. Pay for any extra credit consumed or just Purchase a bundle at a discount price.

Phone Numbers

Wether you migrate an existing line or you acquire one from us, your customers will be able to reply and contact you
Combine WhatsApp with SMS promotions to get the best of worlds. You can always get additional dedicated numbers.
  • 0

  • 3

  • 5


Short codes, are customizable digit sequences, shorter than telephone numbers, used to address messages in the systems of mobile network operators.
  • Shared shortcodes
  • 1 Exclusive shortcode
  • 1 Exclusive chosen shortcode

Migrate existing shortcodes

Keywords are short and memorable words that customers can send to a short code to subscribe.


Keywords are short and memorable words that customers can send to a short code to subscribe.

Audience Tracking

Track what your customers do when they interact with your brand. Tracking your customers actions in an unified way unlocks an unprecedented number of possibilities: segment your audience based on their behavior to reach them with better and more precise campaigns, trigger automations based on what customers do and let your team use this data as it happens as opportunities to engage and sell more.




Activity Reports

Get detailed reports with valuable insights on the performance of your campaigns. Act and react to increase the performance of your communication efforts. Measure important engagement metrics like clicks, percentage of purchases and total revenues. Build a detailed and robust profile of understanding of each and every individual in your audience.

Updated every 30 minutes

Updated in Real-time

Updated in Real-time

White Label

Hellotext brand on captures

White Glove

Confidently take the leap into the world of conversational commerce with the help of our experts.
  • Want to see more? See the complete list of features included in this plan.

Working with all the local mobile operators

Agency consulting services

Strategic Team

  • Your personalized solution for hands-on campaign management. Let our experts take the reins, handling every aspect of your marketing campaigns with precision and care.
  • From strategy development to execution, optimization, and reporting, we've got you covered. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing seasoned professionals are driving your success.
  • Maximize your ROI, unleash your brand's potential, and leave the heavy lifting to us. With our White Glove service, we're committed to delivering exceptional results while you focus on what you do best. Let's elevate your marketing game together.
  • Plans and Subscriptions

    • What are the different subscription plans available with Hellotext?

      • Hellotext offers a range of subscription plans you can customize to fit your needs. Starter, Growth or Scale plans, each offering different features and capabilities along with scalable credit pools to suit businesses of all sizes.

    • What features are included in each subscription plan?

      • Each subscription plan includes our core features such as the Hellotext Hub, messaging automation, reporting and analytics, and access to our API as well as a predefined credit pool. However, higher-tier plans offer additional features such as advanced campaign management, white-label branding, and dedicated support.

    • How does the pricing and billing work for Hellotext?

      • Hellotext operates on a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model allowing you to subscribe on a monthly basis or on an annual subscription with a discounted rate. Once you select the plan that aligns with your needs you will be billed monthly for the core plan including any pre-paid add-ons or premium features you choose to enhance your strategy, along with any excess usage incurred during the previous month. Our pricing is transparent, flexible, and scalable to meet your evolving needs.

    • Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan?

      • At Hellotext, we understand that business needs can change over time. In fact we are counting on your growth as you leverage the power of Hellotext. As your business expands and your customer engagement needs evolve, we provide the flexibility to upgrade your subscription plan, unlocking more powerful features and capabilities to help you scale up.

      • Our purpose is to equip your business with the tools it needs to flourish and make a lasting impact. We believe in your potential to reach new heights with Hellotext. Should you find that your requirements change, we also allow for downgrades in subscription plans. However, please note that in the case of a downgrade, there may be a penalty fee for any additional usage beyond the limitations of the new plan.

      • With Hellotext, you're not just choosing a customer engagement platform – you're embarking on a journey of growth and success. Together, we'll make every interaction count and deliver exceptional experiences that build lasting relationships with your customers.

      • We believe in maintaining a strong partnership with our customers and ensuring that our subscription plans are flexible to support your business journey.

    • Is there a free trial?

      • Yes, Hellotext offers a free trial. Through our Freemium plan, you can explore and experience the basic features of our customer engagement platform for a period of 30 days. During this trial period, you can use Hellotext to its full potential, getting a firsthand experience of how it can benefit your business. The Freemium month allows you to test our platform for free without any commitment, giving you ample time to familiarize yourself with its capabilities and see how it fits your needs. Please note that while the platform usage is free your credit consumption for SMS and WhatsApp conversations during the trial will be charged according to Hellotext’s credit conversion rates. This pay-as-you-go approach allows you to pay only for what you use and provides full transparency on the cost of each message and engagement. At the end of the 30-day free trial, you can seamlessly upgrade to one of our premium subscription plans if you wish to continue using Hellotext's advanced features and increased capacity. Your data and settings will be preserved when you transition from the Freemium plan to a premium plan, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

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