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The bracelet you wanted is back in stock! Get it before it’s gone.
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Hey Sara, looks like you left something behind in your cart. Don’t let it disappear. Use a discount code HELLO to get 20% off the entire order.

Women from Montevideo

Women from Montevideo

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Reach / Icons / Target
Target based on what they do and like
Reach your audience with personalized messages based on products they like and purchase.
Reach / Icons / Precise
Precise real-time segmentation
Build real-time segments of your audience based on the characteristics and behaviors of your subscribers.
Reach / Icons / Connect
Make your audience feel connected
Send the right message to the right person and make them feel special and more connected to your brand.

Build anticipation with multi-day campaigns.

Some of the best results are achieved building anticipation before a product launch or season. Black friday coming soon? Spread a campaign scheduling throughout different days and make the most impact.
1:00 PM
3:30 PM
New release: The new gray cardigan is here for the season.
12:30 PM
Surprise 50% off Sale! 4 hours ONLY! Subscribe and use code 50VIP:
12:30 PM
2 more...
4:00 PM
3:00 PM
Its Payday, so we’ve got a treat for you. FREE delivery!

Flash sales.

Clear excess inventory creating flash sales with discounts targeted to the audiences that’ll enjoy them the most.
Flash sale on this weekend! Get 2 for 1 deals and 25% off sale stock when you show this coupon in store
Thank you!

Crash product launches.

New product launching soon? Build anticipation with multi-day campaigns and ensure the message gets across.
NOA’s new cosmetic line is finally here. These will sell out fast, so grab yours now at
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Holidays sales.

Time the perfect moments before holidays to start creating early anticipation with increasing discounts.
Our Easter sale starts in 72 hours! Are you ready? Browse our gift guide now and get ready to grab a bargain:
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Enhance your campaigns with unique features.

Shorten links
Convert product links into shorten links to nicely fit into message and know how much revenue they bring you.
Use tags to target subscribers attributes and make your messages more personal.
the product is back in stock!
Note Media
Attach coupon codes from your shop and links to redeem them directly in your messages.
Knitted cotton T-shirt dress
€ 19.99
Order value
Total amount
Checkout now
Coupon Code
Get 10% off your order

Take advantage of pre-built journeys to use right away.

Cart abandonment
Send automated reminders to come back and recover abandon carts with special discounts and increase your recovery rate up to 20%.
Shipping confirmation
Send automated notifications when you ship your products and let your customers respond directly if they have any questions.
Replenishment reminders
Remind customers who consume your products frequently when they are running low and incentivize re-purchases with special discounts.
Back in stock
Move your inventory faster than ever sending automated messages to your subscribers on the waiting list.
Build your own journey
Design your own journeys adapted to your special business needs. Choose from multiple triggers, conditions and steps.

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